I’m working on a genealogy project for the extended family (James, Schuster, Royster, Jackson, Price, Latimer, and so on, and so on...)  including related family lines.

Below, some general resources for updating our family information, and further genealogy links.

Family members can access the current, growing Internet version of our genealogical research. Contact me for access.

Notes: (about the GED4WEB files)

  1. There are about 1350 names listed in this file, although it probably only represents 650+ people. I’ve merged information from 3-4 primary resources, and I’m still carefully combining the information carefully. It’s tedious, but I don’t want to merge people who are NOT duplicates, and I don’t want to lose information. For instance, there are both “ LARKINS, Sylvia” and “LARKINS, Silvia”, and I’m sure they are the same person. But, I have conflicting information about their families, so I have whole duplicate families until I can resolve the information.
  2. You may find “duplicates” that are meant to be there. If someone has an alternate name, nickname, AKA event, etc., the alternate name(s) appear too, in case you’re looking for someone by that name. This is (always will be...) still in progress, and includes cleaning up surname suffix, so “Junior” “Jr.” “III” is always separated from the surname itself.
  3. I encourage you to find your own record(s), and those of your families. You can look at the Family Pages (marriage, children), the list by First Name, Pedigree Pages (ancestors of a person), and Descendant Pages (how you come down a particular line to get to a person.) Plus some Notes.
  4. Sensitive information is not displayed on line, including addresses, medical information that is correctly organized, birth and marriage dates and details for living people, and so on.
  5. How to best identify a person? Go all the way down to their Notes page, and the last item is their Reference number. This still doesn’t make them unique, but I’m working on cleaning up this field. (Look for the paper icon.paperclipped03 to get to their Notes page.)
  6. What information am I looking for? EVERYTHING! Who is missing? Who is out of place? What in-laws don’t I know about? What historical facts aren’t listed? Who was famous? Who was an outstanding African American, Native American, including “in their own way”? I want to gather information for our far -flung family members to know one another better, and our future generations to have a resource to know about their ancestors.
  7. How best to provide this information? Well, in any way, really, but it depends on what information you have, or I DON’T have:
    • Entire missing family, knowing just the basics: let’s start with an Ancestral Chart, link below.
    • Entire missing family, knowing lots of details or changes, typically your own nuclear family: use the Family Group Record, link below.
    • Lots of information about one person, such as yourself: provide a biography form. (I’m still looking to pick a really good one.)
  8. Thanks to everyone who has given me information and encouragement so far: Shirley, Liz, Ashley, Jason, Chuck, Dad, Uncle Sonny, Bob, my friend Scott -- LOTS OF PEOPLE!
  9. Pictures!

Also, have a look at my cousins’ sites:

General resources:

Blank forms


Ancestral Chart

Use this if you know many connections, but little information on these folks.

Right-click the link and save locally.

Family Group Record

Use this form if you have extensive information on a group of people

Right-click the link and save locally.

Genealogy Forms

Bailey’s Free Genealogy Forms

Bailey’s main chart page (from Cyndi’s List)

Pedigree Fan Chart

Pedigree fan chart

Bailey’s website (from Cyndi’s List)

Research Record Sheet

Research Record Sheet

Bailey’s website (from Cyndi’s List)








African Ancestored Genealogy


Christine’s Genealogy Website

African-American resources


Cyndi’s List -- African American

African-American references at Cyndi’s List site



Cousin Calculator, to figure out the correct “third cousin, twice removed” terminology

I use the pop-up one.

African-American resources at Family Tree Magazine




GED4WEB software to translate a GEDCOM file to web pages, like I’ve done



- ... a resource developed and maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. It can be searched by last & first names, parents' and spouses' names.



Kenyatta Berry’s site on Slave Genealogy

I heard her lecture at the Santa Clara County Historical & Genealogical Society (http://www.rootsweb.com/~cascchgs/)

Recent Changes:


Current Location

Shane Marie Royster

Added 03/31/07


Carden Grace Royster

Added 03/31/07











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